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Unique Services Offered By Auckland Property Management Companies

If you have a rental property in Auckland, it is recommended to hire the services of an Auckland property Property Management in Aucklandmanagement firm and take advantage of unique services offered by them. There are a number of advantages of using the services of a reliable Auckland property manager in Manukau. Here is a list of some of the major benefits of hiring them.

One of the biggest headaches when it comes to property management is that owners have to deal with a number of tenants who are not suitable for the property. There are also issues when owners fail to recognize the apparent red flags in the applications and gave the property on rent to problem tenants. On the other hand, experienced property managers have trained eyes which mean they are more likely to notice any issues when they are going through the paperwork filed by the applicant. In other words, they are expert at tenant screening that can save you a lot of headache down the line.

Another big problem with property management is that the tenants need to have a point of contact to sort out their issues. Sorting out the issues raised by the tenants takes a lot of time, especially if you happen to have a problem tenant. It will cause you a lot of stress and in some cases, a lot of money to solve the problems. An experienced property manager deals with such problems on a regular basis which means they can address issues at a much lower cost. It also saves you a lot of headache and stress when you know that there is another person who is going to take care of all of such issues.

The key to low tenant turnover is to keep the renters happy. The best way to keep renters happy is to make sure they do not have any problems and there is someone who is responsive and always available and takes care of all of their problems. If you have happy renters, you are likely to have much lower tenant turnover as compared to be market. The key to keeping renters happy is to have an experienced property manager who takes care of all the issues.

Auckland Property Management Ltd has a track record in Body Corporate Management that spans more than 20 years. Our portfolio is extensive, extending from Tutukaka, up north to Queenstown, down south. We pride ourselves on being an organization that is always dedicated and committed to upholding the best practices and professional standards. Howard Morley, the Principal, and Licensee, a Registered Valuer, former president of the New Zealand’s Real Estate Institute, also a member of the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute and has more than 40 years of experience in the real estate industry.

Auckland Property Management Ltd – Personalized Services To Body Corporate Members

Auckland Property Management Ltd

It is our firm belief that we offer unique services to all our clients, a fit we achieve through hiring professionals with real life experience. The Auckland Property Management Ltd employees are not number crunchers. They are seasoned individuals who understand and appreciate the Body Corporate members have diverse and unique needs and concerns. Our Body Corporate Managers with the support of highly professional office personnel strive to offer quality and speedy service delivery. They do their best to know each company they are assigned to care for and make regular visits to have first-hand information.

Body Corporate Expertise

Professional integrity and personal attention, these are the attributes associated with our managers, and they provide Body Corporate Management services. At Auckland Property Management Ltd, we off a wide range of bespoke services suited for individualized needs for each of our clients. Experiences combined, we have a team of Body Corporate Managers that has well over 60 years of experience. It thus suffices to say that we have specialists and this makes us the specialists in the Body Corporate industry.

Each manager is vastly knowledgeable of the Building Act and the Unit Titles Act 2010, and the Unit Titles Regulations 2011. Some of the employees in the management and administration departments have been with Auckland Property Management from the get-go; this has seen us establish an unrivaled foundation of excellence based on trust, experience, and expertise.

Trust & Transparency In Our Body Corporate Services

We attribute our success to different factors and building a lasting relationship with all our clients is at the core of it all. It is all based on trust and transparency in our service delivery. And we have achieved this by offering excellent services as we build lasting relationships while taking care of all issues encountered. We also established Body Corporate portals that aided in achieving our objective of building trust via transparency. This allows our clients to get details of their balance sheet, insurance information, current account, and various documents such as AGM minutes and budget particulars. Watch this video for more information:

When you hire a competent property manager, you can rest assured that the rent is always paid on time. The property management companies usually get their fees directly from the monthly rent which means they need to collect the rent on time if they want to get paid and it keeps them motivated. The key to receiving rent payments on time is to do timely follow-up and enforce the lease policies in case the payments are not received on time. When you hire a property manager, you do not need to deal with any problem tenants who do not give rent on time as property managers are aware of the ways to deal with such tenants.

One of the ways to enhance the value of your investment is preventative maintenance. Experienced property managers are aware of the importance of preventative maintenance and they make sure to catch the repair issues at the earliest before they turn into costly problems.

Overall, there are a number of advantages of working with an experienced property management firm in Auckland. So, if you have a property to rent, and you are still working without a property manager, keep the above-mentioned benefits in mind and start searching for a competent property management company today.